Welcome to Williston's Favorite Bagel Bakery!

Bagels Plus is a family- owned and operated bakery. We’ve been around since 2007 yet the history in baking goes back much further. The owner, Stephen Durgin has been in the bagel industry for over 34 years and still produces quality product for customers at a reasonable price. We use only the finest ingredients and traditional methods to produce exceptional bagels, muffins, cookies, breakfast sandwiches, and deli sandwiches.

Our bagels are made fresh in-house daily.  Our bagels are boiled and then baked in a hearth stone oven to ensure that our customers get the best taste and texture from our bagels. 



Bagels Plus is a proud sponsor of Breast Cancer Awareness "Making Strides" 

Bagels Plus is a proud sponsor of Vermont State Police Canine Association